Our Doctors

Dr. Sadir Alrawi

Consultant - Head of Oncology Services, VPS

Dr. Saladin Sawan

Consultant Gynaecological Oncology and Robotic Surgeon

Dr. Suleiman Hanna Al-Baqain

Specialist - General Surgery

Dr. Syed Faheem Ahmad Sayed Altaf Ahmad

Specialist - General Surgery

Dr. Sudhakar V.R

Specialist - Orthopedics Surgery

Dr. Salah Elashmawy

Specialist - Anesthesia

Dr. Shwetha Vernekar

Specialist - Pediatrician

Dr. Sushil Kumar Murali

Specialist - Paediatrician

Dr. Sagar Mohan Nivargi

Specialist - Pediatrics

Dr. Seema Oommen

HOD - Molecular and Microbiology
Specialist - Medical Microbiologist

Dr. Sundar Elayaperumal

Specialist - Microbiologist

Dr. Sathya Kakade

Specialist - Ophthalmology

Dr. Shimaa Elsabae

Radiology Specialist

Dr. Sunil Abdul Salim

General Practitioner

Dr. Sara Susan Maveli

General Practitioner-ER

Dr. Seemab Gul

General Practitioner

Dr. Shaza Mohamed Osman Abbas

General practitioner-ER

Dr. Subitha Bharathan

General Practitioner

Ms. Sherook Mohamed Mosa


Mr. Siju Vannathan Valappil


Salam Sagheer

Clinical Dietician