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Abu Dhabi hospital holds Eid Al Fitr prayers for patients and their families May 02, 2022

Burjeel Medical City marks first day of Eid with 75 long-term patients

A hospital in Abu Dhabi held Eid Al Fitr prayers for patients and their family members on Monday.

The prayers were held in Burjeel Medical City’s atrium at 6.15am on the first day of Eid, bringing 75 long-term patients together, including those who are bedridden or elderly.

Staff also gave patients new clothes to wear, which is a common practice for Muslims at Eid.

Those attending included Hanan Ibrahim from Ajman, the mother of Khalifa Al Shamsi, a three year old who is in hospital receiving treatment for a brain injury he sustained falling off his bike in January.

“This year, Ramadan has been different because I am in the hospital,” said Ms Ibrahim, who thanked health staff for organising the prayers.

“I will miss my family but at the same time the atmosphere at Burjeel Medical City is a friendly one.

“I don’t feel lonely because we are always together during iftar and breaking the fast with the hospital staff has been fun.”

Yemeni expat Hussain Alsayad also attended Eid prayers with his mother, 80, who is being treated in the Burjeel Darak long-term care and rehabilitation wing after suffering a heart attack.

“For the last four months, I have been praying here every Friday,” said Mr Hussain, who will be joined by family members to celebrate Eid at the hospital with his mother.

“I am not surprised that the hospital has arranged the special prayers. This is my first Ramadan experience in a hospital. The staff and the management are very supportive. I admire their way of delivering care.”

Omran Al Khoori, president of business development at VPS Healthcare, said the hospital was happy to be able to celebrate Eid Al Fitr with its patients and their families.

"Eid Al Fitr is a joyous occasion that emphasises the values of compassion and generosity,” he said.

“As this special occasion is meant to be celebrated in the warmth of families, we want to ensure that our patients feel at home by providing the best care and facilities.”

Prayers were held across the country on Monday to mark the start of Eid.

Worshippers flocked to mosques to celebrate the occasion while observing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

This year's Eid is the closest to normal since the pandemic began after mosques returned to almost full capacity in February.

However, certain restrictions remained to protect the public, including mandatory mask wearing indoors and physical distancing of at least one metre between worshippers.

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