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Burjeel Medical City treats patient's two-decade ordeal with landmark surgery February 24, 2022

Orthopaedics team successfully conducts complicated joint replacement surgery

Abu Dhabi, UAE: Burjeel Medical City, Abu Dhabi, has added to its growing list of healthcare success stories with its Department of Orthopaedics delivering pelvic joint replacement surgery and bespoke aftercare to end a patient’s two-decade long agony.

Dr Rashed Ahmed Al Shaeel, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon and head of department helmed a two-and-a-half-hour operation which was the culmination of a tailor-made treatment plan that factored in case studies, potential outcomes, and the patient’s individual needs.

The patient, 36-year-old Ms Ghuzlan from Morocco, was afflicted with “considerable pain” for two decades following a motorcycle accident in her home country at the age of 16. The resulting double fracture – coupled with inaccessibility to corrective surgery in the intervening years – caused inflammation, the development of osteochondrosis, and a severe bacterial infection, with damage sustained to the lining of the impacted pelvic joint.

“The lack of mobility and associated ailments have impacted both my happiness and mental health,” said Ghuzlan. “Doctors in my home country advised that the required operation could not be administered at the time. I learned to accept palliative medication — along with the reality that this would impact my quality of life, and any goals I had set.”

Burjeel Medical City has upgraded its capabilities in critical treatment areas, offering complex procedures in oncology, physical therapy, and other specialties. This case involving pelvic joint replacement surgery is further proof the hospital is medically, technically, and administratively ready to offer local communities access to world-class care, right here in Abu Dhabi.

Positive feedback from a close friend, who had completed their own specific treatment with the orthopaedic specialists at Burjeel Medical City, prompted the patient to consult with Dr Rashed Ahmed Al Shaeel.

“As soon as the patient was received, her medical reports were reviewed and diagnostics such as X-rays and MRI work were conducted to establish her health condition,” said Dr Al Shaeel. “A treatment plan was developed in consultation with anaesthesiologists and the hospital’s physical and rehabilitation therapists.”

While acknowledging the difficulty of the case, the surgery was “not impossible” noted Dr Al Shaeel. "It was considered a delicate process due to the restoration of the pelvis, which at this stage had become completely stiff and separated from the thigh joint. Precision was paramount to preserve the surrounding nerves in that area without harming them, and this was aided by the X-ray and MRI imagery from case studies.”

Two days after the procedure, the patient gained pelvic mobility and cited being in comfort for the first time in twenty years, taking her first steps a fortnight after the surgery.

Ghuzlan is currently undergoing rehabilitation to complete a full recovery, and has lauded Burjeel Medical City, expressing gratitude for the expert level of personalised care she received throughout the treatment process.

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