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Cancer care at Burjeel Medical City: Changing lives and giving hope February 04, 2022

Burjeel Medical City provides oncology care in all adult and pediatric treatments

Burjeel Medical City provides comprehensive oncology care in all adult and pediatric sub-specialties and envisions to spread its healing hands for all across the globe

A 53-year-old school teacher from Lebanon, Ameen Khair Eddin, says he is now alive because he underwent a life-saving bone marrow transplant therapy at Burjeel Medical City. The sole breadwinner of his family of wife and two children, Eddin was diagnosed with multiple myeloma, a type of blood cancer, in January 2021.

“I was shattered and saw death in front of me,” recalls Eddin of the first thoughts he had when the doctor confirmed the diagnosis.

Though he started treatment in Lebanon, Eddin and his wife, Maha, looked for better treatment options. He came to know about Burjeel Medical City in Abu Dhabi through his doctor.

“After initial online consultation, Maha and I flew to Abu Dhabi with high hopes. Thankfully, Allah heard our prayers. After two months of treatment, I am doing better now,” says Eddin from Lebanon.

Eddin’s is not a lone case. Burjeel Medical City is changing lives and giving hope to hundreds of cancer patients.

Since it launched the bone marrow transplant therapy in September 2021, Burjeel Medical City has saved many lives.

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