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Nurses training program on Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Safety - 2021 April 17, 2021

Nursing Training Program was done on third and fourth of March 2021 under the patronage of Dr. John Sunil, CEO of Burjeel Medical City (BMC). It was a hybrid meeting.

The program aimed to improve the staff knowledge about “Radiation Protection” and on how to handle patients with full care without the phobia from radiation.

In addition, it is focus on how to take personal protection as well as patient's protection.

This is the first course, which will be follow regularly on yearly basis or whenever good number of new staff are joining.

It covers simple physics and types of radiation that exists and how to handle radiation hazard.

We ensure staffs and patients has a 100percent protection against Radiation.

All participants were PCR negative & social distance was respected.

Dr. Abdulrahim Al Suhaili


The Nuclear Medicine Department of Burjeel Medical City is at its budding stage. As it is, a rare specialty and most health care workers, clinical support team, and housekeeping are not aware of the Nuclear Medicine Department.

Therefore, we conducted a training program mostly for the Nurses to make them understand the basics of Nuclear medicine procedures and the principle of radiation safety.

Detailed discussions was about how Nurses do the patient preparation for each scan and how patient care be given for post-nuclear medicine procedures.

In addition, we included clinical support team and housekeeping for the basic information regarding radiation safety and protection.

The total number of attendees was limited to 20 and strictly abide the DOH, Abu Dhabi rules during COVID.

We are keen to conduct such programs whenever it is needed to educate the health care workers about “Nuclear Medicine and Radiation Safety”.

Dr. Firuz Ibrahim