Second Opinion From a Doctor

Proper diagnosis and appropriate treatment are crucial for every patient. One should make these decisions carefully as it is about health and well-being

Burjeel Medical City's Burjeel Guides program is envisioned to guide patients around the world to make right and wise treatment choice. The program connects patients with the expert team at Burjeel Medical City for getting second opinions on various treatment plans including the ultra specialised domains such as Oncology. As patients can connect to doctors online, they need not spend money or waste time for travel.

This trustworthy and secure service enables patients to discuss their issues with our doctors. The service can be availed for any diagnosis relating to any physical conditions or diseases that affects the quality of your life

Our team of experts will review the patient's complete medical history, records, test results and images within the stipulated time and get back to them with a comprehensive report answering all the individual questions.

Getting a second opinion from Burjeel Medical City enables you to make the most appropriate decision about your healthcare.

How it Works ?
  • Fill the below Online Form for Request for a Second Opinion
  • Follow the procedure: Upload your medical records to be reviewed by our specialist team.
  • Receive your opinion: Once your medical records have been collected, you or your local physician will receive the detailed second opinion report within two weeks. Our staff will follow up with you to answer any questions.

To speak with someone at Burjeel Medical City or request a visit, call +971 2 508 5555 or fill out a new patient registration form No referral is required.

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