Emergency Medicine


At Burjeel Medical City, we are capable and equipped with all the resources to take care of adult and pediatric emergencies. Our doctors and nurses are extensively trained and experienced. We are committed and dedicated to ensuring safe, efficient, top-notch, and outstanding emergency care adhering to the best of international best practices in emergency medicine.

The emergency Department is equipped with resuscitation beds to manage life threating cases, acute monitored beds for cases that require detailed medical management, fast track zone which focuses on efficient and quality care and a dedicated 24hrs clinical area for paediatric emergencies run by our own paediatric specialists to meet the highest quality care that our valued children need. Moreover, The Emergency Department is supported around the clock with sub-speciality services ready to extend quaternary medical care beyond the emergency department. our services also include around the clock Emergency laboratory and imaging services for faster and accurate emergency care.

At Burjeel Medical City, the emergency department is led by a consultant certified by the medical board in North America along with emergency & paediatric specialists. Whether you arrived with an ambulance or through our doors, we will embrace all your emergency needs and beyond, we will embark in providing the best medical practices and we will always strive to support you and your loved ones when it matters the most.

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Team that Cares

Dr. Zuhair Alsharafi

Director of Emergency Department
Consultant - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Ashraf Mahjoub Ibrahim Nemir

General Practitioner (ER)

Dr. Philippe Zakhia El-Doueihi

Specialist - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Sandrine Hage

Specialist Emergency Medicine

Dr. Kavitha Narasimha Gowda

Specialist - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Lemia Elfatih Abdalla Salim

Specialist - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Thandava Phanikrishna Gudiseva

Specialist - Emergency Medicine

Dr. Muhanad Ahmed Ibrahim Mustafa

General Practitioner - Emergency Medicine