Fetal medicine department at burjeel medical city, specialized in performing all pregnancy screening necessary for monitoring the condition of the growing fetus (unborn child). Fetal medicine, is a branch of medicine that primarily focuses on managing health concerns of the unborn baby. Fetal medicine specialists are obstetricians who subspecialize within the field of Fetal medicine. They may perform prenatal tests, provide treatments, and perform minimal surgeries to the fetus.

BMC is building a well-qualified team of medical professionals empowered by advanced technologies who are in experts in fetal medicine and imaging. We offer an entire range of services including fetal scans, many intrauterine fetal procedures, genetic services, counselling for complicated pregnancies, among other services.

Services Offered


  • Early pregnancy scan
  • Detailed NT scan including assessment of risk (Trisomies, Pre-eclampsia,..etc)
  • Early fetal cardiac scan (first trimester)
  • Anomaly scan
  • Fetal Echo
  • Fetal Doppler assessment (Study of blood flow to the unborn baby)
  • Growth scans
  • Assessment of the Cervix uteri (Lowermost part of the womb that keeps the pregnancy in)
Invasive fetal procedures Primarily done to exclude a variety of Chromosomal & genetic conditions as Down Syndrome
  • Amniocentesis
  • Chorion Villus Sampling (biopsy of the placenta, done in the first trimester)
  • Fetal blood sampling
  • Fetal Blood transfusion
  • Fetal Drainage/ Shunting procedures (as in cases with pleural effusion, bladder obstruction,..etc)

Team that Cares

Dr. Louay Zayed

Specialist - Maternal and Fetal Medicine