Infectious Diseases


The Infectious Diseases (ID) Department at Burjeel Medical City (BMC), Abu Dhabi provides comprehensive medical care and specialized infectious disease consultations to patients of all ages.

Our US-trained Infectious Diseases experts work together to deliver individualized treatment plans and prevention for patients with various infectious conditions, including critically-ill patients and immuno compromised patients. They are unique in providing transplant infectious diseases services and managing complicated infections in solid and hematologic transplant populations. They balance clinical practice infection control with antimicrobial stewardship.

Our doctors are also dedicated to research activities including clinical trials and provide care based on the latest local and international guidelines

The Department’s Infection Control Program was given the Jawda accreditation and has launched the Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (AMS) in 2021.

Conditions We Treat
  • Common infections
  • Pediatric infectious diseases
  • Fungal, bacterial, viral, mycobacterial, and parasitic infections
  • Complicated infectious diseases in the immunocompromised population
Treatments We Offer
  • Antimicrobials to manage complicated infections
  • Pediatric, adult, and transplant patients vaccination
  • A broad range of antibiotics, antivirals, antifungals, and anti-parasitic drugs
Special Technologies
  • Automated identification and sensitivities
  • Mushroom identification for filamentous fungi
  • MALDI-TOF mass spectrometry for rapid identification of bacteria and yeast infection
  • BioFire panels test for molecular blood culture identification, meningitis, pneumonia, and others
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Team that Cares

Dr. Ritika Marisse Coelho

Consultant - Pediatric Infectious Disease

Dr. Dima Ibrahim

Specialist - Infectious Diseases

Dr. Seema Oommen

Microbiologist and Molecular Biologist