Neonatology Intensive Care Unit


The neonatal unit at Burjeel Medical City is a level III tertiary neonatal service and part of the VPS Managed Clinical Network of Neonatal -Perinatal Services across the UAE.

It is fully equipped with state of the art medical resources, dedicated to providing family centered care to babies of all gestational ages including premature babies born at 23 weeks of pregnancy. Facilities include therapeutic hypothermia ( cooling therapy ) for babies, cerebral function monitoring, high frequency oscillatory ventilation and administration of nitric oxide therapy. The unit is led by neonatal consultants and nurse manager with a proven record in their field of expertise and staffed by experienced paediatric specialists, nursing and allied health professionals including advanced neonatal nurse practitioner. The neonatal service is the referral centre for complex neonatal surgery, neonatal cardiology and also hosts the neonatal section of the paediatric neurosciences unit. It is fully integrated with other paediatric multispecialty services within Burjeel Medical City, which include paediatric neurosurgery, paediatric nephrology, paediatric gastroenterology and an excellent critical care land and air transport service. The unit is fully suppported by highly qualified therapists, including physiotherapists, occupational therapists, respiratory therapists, dietitians and speech language pathologists.

Other subspecialist services are available via the extensive VPS healthcare network and strategic collaborations within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.

Services Offered

All Neonatal Emergencies

All high risk preterms

Neonatal Surgical Unit Services

  • General Surgery for congenital malformations in the new-born
  • Surgery in extremely preterm newborns
  • Neonatal Surgical Oncology
  • Neonatal Urology (Disorder of sexual development, hypospadias, hydronephrosis, and endourology)
  • Neonatal Thoracoscopic and open Thoracic Surgery
  • Neonatal Laparoscopy in gastroenterology and urology
  • Vascular & lymphatic malformation management.

Neonatal Neurology– Therapeutic hypothermia therapy ( cooling), congenital neurologic disorders, feeding disorders, epilepsy, cerebral palsy.

Neonatal Neurosurgery – For congenital and acquired neurologic disorders, neuro-oncology surgery

Neonatal Cardiology – Assessment and management of infants with congenital heart disease and heart murmurs

Neonatal Endocrinology including management of children with pituitary diseases, thyroid diseases, adrenal gland diseases, metabolic bone diseases, and diabetes.

Chronic Lung Disease clinic and other chest diseases.

Neonatal Haematology and Oncology services including thalassaemia’s, sickle cell anaemia, thrombocytopenia, bleeding disorders and thrombosis.

GastrointestinaI and Nutritional disorders feed intolerance,abdominal pain,constipation,diarrhoea,gastro oesophageal reflux ,milk and food allergies.

Neonatal follow up long term neurodevelopmental and growth follow up of post NICU babies

Newborn clinic providing assessment and full vaccination program.( in conjunction with the paediatric clinic )

Neonatal Therapies


Occupational therapy

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Team that Cares

Dr. Iviano Rudolph Ossuetta

Consultant - Neonatology
Director Neonatology Services VPS

Dr. Musaddaq Inayat

Consultant - Neonatology

Dr. Qaiser Zaman

Specialist Paediatrics-NICU