VPS Central Lab


Burjeel Medical City is home to Central Laboratory for entire VPS Healthcare's hospitals across U.A.E. The purpose built lab has a comprehensive test menu of over 1000 investigations. The Laboratory is Middle East’s 1st Lab to have Total Lab Automation through cobas pro integrated solutions. This enables the team of Doctors to release millions of results with high accuracy and fast turn around time

Central Lab @Burjeel Medical City comprises of 4 Laboratories / Lab Departments

Core LabCore Lab utilises a unique combination Automation + infinity IT solution to manage complex testing and results data flows in efficient & transparent way. The multisite integration helps monitor the performance across all machines in labs and reduces Turn Around Time for the patients for tests in Haematology , Chemistry, Immunology, Allergy ,Food Intolerance & Thalassemia.

Molecular Biology LabMolecular Biology Lab uses latest techniques for diagnosing a wide range of Infectious Diseases including Covid-19; Genetic disorders, and Cancers. Techniques such as Real Time PCR, DNA Probe Hybridization & Microarray are used to offer frequently requested tests. We also collaborate with Centres of Excellence across the globe to offer specialised services like NIPT, Next Generation Sequencing & Multigene panels for Breast, GI, Lung cancer etc.

Anatomic PathologyThe unified Anatomic Pathology department offers extensive Surgical Pathology & Cytopathology services. Our team of Histopathologists with decades of experience offer multiple sub-specialities e.g. Soft tissue pathology, GI pathology , Gynaecology, Head & Neck. The lab also offers large menu of I.H.C. markers in order to give conclusive diagnosis.

Microbiology LabMicrobiology Lab offers Bacteriology & Mycology services. The completely automated identification & antimicrobial susceptibility systems are supported by robust Microbiology Data Management System. This enables the lab to actively participate Antimicrobial stewardship programmes and encourages collaboration between the Physicians, Infection Control & the Microbiologist for better patient outcomes .

With the ability to handle around 10 million tests / year, the laboratory combines advantages of automation & clinical excellence to deliver what matters the most in laboratory diagnostics, High Quality & Quick results for better Clinical Outcomes

Team that Cares

Dr. Rakeshkumar Shah

Specialist - Clinical Pathology

Dr. Seema Oommen

Specialist - Medical Microbiology

Dr. Ghaith Makhlouf

Consultant - Anatomic Pathology